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Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home. Make sure your next kitchen renovation matches your lifestyle and needs with the help of Counter-Action.

When you think about your kitchen, how do you forsee yourself spending your time there? Will you be cooking delicious meals for your family? Are you going to throw dinner parties that require counter space and enough seating for family or friends? Deciding what you want out of this very important space is a wonderful first step into your kitchen renovation.

At Counter-Action, we want to know your kitchen needs. If you know how you’ll be using your kitchen or what your kitchen is currently lacking, we can help design and build a more functional kitchen for you!

Is It Time to Renovate Your Kitchen? 

Clients turn to Counter-Action to renovate their kitchens for a variety of reasons such as:

  • They have moved into a new home, but the current kitchen does not suit their needs

  • Their household numbers have grown or decreased over the years and the kitchen doesn’t meet their needs

  • There have malfunctioning kitchen appliances that are obsolete or are not energy efficient

  • They want to increase the value of their home for future resale purposes

  • They want a change in their kitchen’s aesthetic because it has been the same for a number of years

Our Kitchen Renovation Process

The kitchen renovation process is simple. It starts with you and one of our trained designers.

At Counter-Action we have selected a number of local suppliers, capable of providing a wide range of quality products and materials to meet your kitchen and cabinetry needs. There are countless possibilities for kitchen designs, but it doesn’t have to stop there. We can also help you with Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms and Storage rooms, Home Offices or Workshops.

A kitchen renovation or otherwise, doesn’t mean we just think about the room we are renovating. Instead, we take time to discuss and visualize your home as an entire design concept allowing the renovation to give your home a cohesive flow that will meet your needs and wants. We invite you to explore your kitchen renovation options. Choose from a variety of countertops including, laminate, Cambria quartz, marble or granite and a variety of door and cabinets we have from local suppliers.

Counter-Action will take you through these steps to get started on the design concept:

Counter-Action designer, CK, will help you find a look and feel that matches your personality and design a kitchen space for your lifestyle. CK will help you define a layout that works for you, with lighting, appliances and free space that will benefit you years beyond the renovation. The result is a kitchen renovation that you, your family and friends can enjoy. 

Our Kitchen Renovation Process To start the kitchen renovation process, please take a look through our kitchen renovation gallery as well as our kitchen countertops and cabinets. When you are ready we invite you to visit our Cambridge showroom or you may contact us